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My new phone wallpaper ‘3’

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Reblog if your Tumblr picture is actually you.

It actually is, an expressive self portrait XD

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EMERGENCY! Please help my friend! Help a trans woman in need →


Hey tumblr I’m asking for help yet again from you. My friend Raven is a trans girl who is on the verge of being homeless. She was given a 60 day notice at the beginning of this week because she missed rent, and then was given another notice yesterday saying that she…

Anonymous asked: Hi! I don't know if you have seen this, but there is a petition on the White House website for Columbus Day to be replaced with Indigenous People's Day; if it gets enough signatures, the White House MUST respond, so I'm trying to boost it (short link here): wh(.)gov/i3Isc



Here it is! The deadline is November 8th and it needs 96, 000+ signatures still.





look at elsa’s right hand

that little squeeze and pull

yes elsa, she’s really there

yeah but not only that, notice that Anna smiles because of it. Anna comes back from the fucking dead to feel her sister hold her for the first time in years. she doesn’t scream or cry, she’s not angry. she just smiles because holy shit Elsa is there and Elsa loves her.

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#viva La Elsanna

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h e l p →


Due to some issues that were not factored into my budgeting, my rent + bills + loan payments for this month add up to roughly $1200 total. I barely have $100 to my name right now and, even though I’ve been working myself to death, my next and only other paycheck for this month…


Guys there’s a sponsored ad on tumblr for the movie Annabelle, and it has jumpscares in the post so please blacklist “Annabelle” if you are scared of jumpscares/creepy dolls/horror in general!

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