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This is Lynn Cude, he is a STALKER, SEXUAL ASSAULTER, and most likely a SERIAL RAPIST. He lives in the Los Angeles area and will often post ads such as this one // here’s a screengrab if it was removed.

Please, remember his face and stay safe, he lures girls in with a work opportunity not too different from waitressing but he won’t respect boundaries, then he drugs them, assaulting them afterwards - when the girls try to speak up, he bullies them with the premise that what they did is sex work and that he will basically ruin their lives, making them feel that authorities are just not likely to respond to it. He proceeds to stalk and harass them.

Please report his ad so it is removed and more girls don’t fall victim to this piece of shit, but most importantly, spread this so if other girls see his face, or a similar ad, they will know that it’s not safe.

This is his Facebook, this is his Twitter, this is his Instagram, and this is his LinkedIn.

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just so you know what is going on in my country right now:

  • votes came in for independence 45% yes 55% no
  • media very “”no”” centred and bias
  • unionists are now attacking yes voters
  • a seventeen year old girl has been stabbed
  • they are burning our saltire giving nazi salutes
  • our first minister resigns

please signal boost this 

Jesus Christ, it’s like Ferguson all over again

Participate in a Survey About Gender Diversity in Video Games →


The <title> of this page is “Do Consumers Want More Women In Video Games?” The results of this survey will be presented at GDC15, so let’s tell ‘em a resounding “FUCK YEAH!”

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R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit

this is the only september 11th post I’m reblogging

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Female pilots edited out of the Star Wars movies.

I saw the tweets about this today, and I was like oh yeah, I remember hearing about that.

And then I saw the pictures and just— wow. What it would have meant to have these women in the movie, all this time. I can’t properly articulate it but it’s hitting me unexpectedly hard.

Wow thats a shame, even a nice old lady too.  These Space Valkyries  should have been left in.

They really should have.

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I lived, ate, and breathed Star Wars from age 2 until 2005 when RotS finally beat the enthusiasm out of me, and I have NEVER, EVER in all my reading on behind-the-scenes and makings-of heard of these shots. It’s a shame there was no relaunched edit of the original trilogy they could have slipped these in OH FUCKING WAIT THERE’S BEEN LIKE 3 OF THOSE NOW.

Fuck. FUCK. Whoever decided to edit out and bury these needs to french kiss an angle grinder.

I want to see the old lady in the A-Wing. Seriously, it’s like, she’s somebody’s grandma. Some kid in the Outer Rim Territories got greased by the Empire for seeing something she wasn’t supposed to see, and her grandma, the bush pilot, decided “Fuck this, I’m gonna strap on an fighter and make the Empire fucking PAY for the moment it decided to fuck with MY FAMILY.”


These are quickly being put into the “always reblog” category.

Whenever there is a war, there are women who are warriors. Then they get erased from history. Happens in real wars and fictional ones alike.

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Pom pom. Shingeki no po po po pom po pom po pom..


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